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Replacing Your Doors


Tips for Measuring up your Old Doors

When preparing to measure your doors etc for replacement, we would recommend that you make a simple plan or line drawing showing each door and drawer front etc that you need, also download our pdf “door measuring list” to simplify the process. As you measure and record the details of that door on to the measuring list, note its unique ref from the list and record it onto the relevant position on the plan This will aid future cross referencing them later and it will ensure you don’t miss any thing out.

Measure the Door and not the cabinet, This is important as the door will deliberately be either 4 or 5mm less in dimension than the cabinet. This is done to avoid doors and drawers rubbing against each other.

Always measure the back of the door as the front face is likely to be profiled in some way.

Hinging. Note which side side the hinges positioned. looking from the front of the door this is the side that the door opens up to.

Hinge measurement

Count the number of Hinges fitted to this door. record this with the door measurement etc as it will help you when counting the total number of replacement hinges required. Remember it is the quality of hinge that helps stop sagging of doors, it would be a real shame to hand nice new doors onto worn hinges.

Once you have measured and listed all doors and drawer fronts you can then move on to creating a summary list. remember to list left hinged doors separately from those with a right hand hinge even when they are the same size. This is particularly relevant when you are ordering them pre drilled.

We will also need to know the distance from the top of the door to the centre of the hinge and the same from the bottom of the door. It would be normal for all doors regardless of hight to have the hinge holes the same distance on all doors but it is always worth checking a few doors to be certain.

Do You Need any End Panels. Again record the measurements and qty. of any Base, Wall or Tall Panels you may require.

Cornice and Pelmet. To calculate the qty of these you require you need to measure the longest side of each piece and add them all together and we would recommend that you add 10% again for cuts and wastage. It is important to measure the long side as each jointed piece will have been cut with a mitre and this needs to be included. Once you have the total length required divide this by the overall length that the new cornice/ pelmet will be supplied as and round up to the nearest length. If you need 4600mm and they are supplied as 3 meter (3000mm) lengths then you will need 2 x 3m lengths.

Count the Handles. If you are replacing the Doors you will probably be replacing the Handles. This is usually One handle per Door, but on some wider Drawers you may want to use two handles.

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