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Kuchespec Cabinets

About Küchespec cabinets


These Cabinets are truly some of best we have seen, Built to order in Britain to exacting specification and high standards and sold here at our highly competitive Internet Prices.

CONSTRUCTION All Küchespec cabinets are Rigid in construction using cam & dowels. Carcasses are made from 18mm MFC that is taped on all exposed edges and with 2mm PVC to all front faces. Cabinet backs incorporate a removable back system to simplify plumbing or access to pipes and other services, this involves a 18mm Back rail and a removable 8mm back all one of 18 Cabinet colours carefully selected to complement the Bella Cabinet Doors. All our Küchespec cabinets incorporate the latest Blum 110 degree Hinges with inbuilt softclose hinges that can be turned on and off to increase or decrease the doors resistance with varying door widths and weights. All Drawers are Blum Tandem box with inbuilt softclose and adjustment for drawer front alignment. All base cabinets are 560mm in depth including a 60mm Service void and include 150mm adjustable legs whilst the Wall cabinets are mounted on concealed 4 way adjustable brackets. 300mm deep with a 10mm clear void to the rear. Fully inspected and packed for maximum protection before leaving the factory.

SYSTEM HEIGHT The system height is the height of the tallest cabinet such as a larder or Tall Oven housing. There are two heights within the range; these are System 720 and System 900. These relate to the wall cabinet height that you would normally use with it. The deciding factors are usually if the client wants maximum storage in the Wall cabinets they would want 900mm Tall wall units and therefore any tall larders will need to be System 900 to align at the top and still give a suitable gap between work surface and underside of the wall cabinets, However it is important to be sure you have a ceiling height greater than the larder height. The most popular is System 720 with 720mm height wall cabinets. It is Important when measuring your room that you check the height from floor to ceiling and be satisfied you have adequate height, If you have a room with 2 or more ceiling heights like in an building extension or a support beam across the room then measure the height to both the highest and lowest height points and the distance along the room were the lower level starts or finish’s. For further help or advise with this call us on 01405 762377


SYSTEM 720 Is the Popular system. The Larder Height is 1965mm Plus Legs making the optimum height from floor to top of Larder or wall cabinet being 2115mm plus the height of any Cornice that you may be putting above the units. With most ceiling heights being at least 2300mm there is adequate clearance and with a 720mm Height wall cabinet this gives ample storage for most situations.

SYSTEM 900 Is the taller of the two systems. The Larder Height is 2155mm Plus legs making the optimum height from floor to top of Larder or Wall cabinet is 2300mm plus the height of any Cornice you may be using above the units. It is important to have a good clearance and will require a ceiling height of at least 2400mm as the cabinets are rigid you need to stand the unit up and the diagonal distance from bottom front to the top back of the larder or housing is important. Wall Cabinet height is 900mm giving maximum storage options with this system. Whilst these two wall cabinet sizes are the basis of the two systems we still offer a full range of other wall cabinet heights.

These are:

285mm Bridging Units (300mm Depth) in a range of widths

360mm Bridging Units (300mm Depth)in a range of widths

360mm Top Box Units (560mm Depth) in a range of Widths

570mm Wall Units (300mm Depth) in a range of Widths

1205mm Dressers for SYSTEM 720

1390mm Dressers for SYSTEM 900

Our Product Pages Cabinets Are clearly Identified as System 720 and System 900 for the Larders, Oven Housings, Fridge/Freezer Housings and Dressers for your convenience. The other wall cabinet sizes listed above can be incorporated into either system for special or cosmetic reasons, for help with this call us on 01405 762377. We Really do want to Help !

For Further Technical Information relevant to a individual cabinet product is available on the Product page under “More Information” or go to our Help page and Download the relevant documents about using Küche spec Cabinets.

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Buy Kuchespec cabinets online, the Kuchespec quality kitchen cabinets and carcasses are built to high specifications and available to buy from KNB Creations.

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